Sunday, February 19, 2012



we held are educational tour at Elsie Gaches and Sanctuary center last march 07, 2012 . all of 3rd year psychology student he had our first educational tour . this is our destination at Elsie Gaches we had our orientation . the only institution who are under to government .

this is Mr. and Mrs. Samuel And Elsie Gaches their are the person who donated the lot that make the shelter for the people are mentally ill . they donated the lot because to help to other people who needed it . because of the couple didn't have any siblings they focus their attention to the client who admitted to the institution and their treat it us their one of the part of their family .

this is one of their cottage or wards for the client for the their are different stages for the client the severe , profound , lower and upper . the female and male had the different ward and also for the different stages of the client and their cases . and their school for the upper client of the Elsie Gaches .

we had saw all the part of Elsie Gaches Village together with Sir. Arron he was the only Psychologist in the institution for the 610 client of the institution and their also have 7 nurse and few house parent for all their client who take care of them .

for the upper client who had trained and had the skills for the handcrafts that can improve their skills and can be also help to the client . had good quality and many of their is like to buy their finish product . we meet to of them are twin who are made their product and had quality to be export to other country .


we held are program at our second destination for our educational tour the Sanctuary Center in Madaluyong City. and we had our first outreach for few client of Sanctuary Center .

orientation together to ma'am Luz he was the person in-charge for the institution and tour us in the institutions

and their product in the Sanctuary Center and the daily rue-tin of the client in the center and some of their activity for the day .

for the program happen in the Sanctuary some of the picture of the client that cant be upload in the page because of some case and issues that can confidential to be seem their picture for the privacy of the client and their protection

together with my enship in the educational tour

we held are educational tour at Elsie Gaches and Sanctuary center last march 07, 2012 . all of 3rd year psychology student he had our first educational tour . we had a great time at our because it was my first to go in the institution for the mentally ill at first i nervous on what happen when we enter in the institution and what could be happen in the institution . but at the end we had a good experience to meet some of the client in the Elsie Gaches and Sanctuary center because we can able to know what their activity in the institution or what happening inside the institution . and we had a good experience to because we had program to the client of the sanctuary client and meet the different client in the institution and talk to them and better to know them

Outreach program for sanctuary center

Our personalize tarpaulin made by Maria kristela Paraso she edit the tarpaulin to make it better. for our first outreach program for sanctuary center.

This some of the picture taken by our classmate while we our preforming on the program. It seem we enjoy doing it on the program for our clients of sanctuary center.

After we orient by Ma'am Montalbo in we will handle the client we start the program and we went to the zoo to see the animals together with our handle client .and after that we back to the venue to start the program their.

the outreach program for sanctuary center last Dec. 12,2011 we had able to meet the client of sanctuary center , and able to had a great time with them specially with my handle client dachi she jolly person and nice and we had great time with her and she always want to be pretty on thefront of many people . we laugh, we enjoy and had great time with them in a limited time we felt that the client was happy on our prepared program to them in a simple things can we gave to them .

We held our program in Rainforest in Pasig, City we our second batch to had program to the client. Jeanina and I had one client to take care she is Josephina AKA dachi she is always look to her mirror and apply make-up to her face and she is conscious to her look. She was a nice client that’s we not hard to handle our client. And able saw the animals in the zoo and they’re very happy when they saw the animals on the zoo. We knew that they tried walking on the park they happy to explore more the new animal there encounter while we are walking on the park. And back to our venue and start the program that we prepared for them.

its one in alife time experience to handle our first cleint that we had a great with thier first we scared what happen on our program if their like it or not of the client but it was wonderful experience that we cannot forget in our life with the client specially with may handle client dachi i had a great time with her in a limited time.. (:

after our program we seem tired and haggard but in picture taking we all game on smiling on the camera .

Friday, October 16, 2009

baby laughing

i like this video because of the baby laugh because of the simple paper he discover that if he pull the paper in his father hand he will be laugh it give him to be happy it can be relate in psychology because of the baby it was like a OPE RANT CONDITIONING because of the baby do . baby cut the paper (pinilas ang papel) he will be laugh , again and again every time he cut the paper he will be laugh it was the that i choose this video and it was the cutest baby that i wacth laughing

child abuse (unlike video)

child abuse (unlike video)

I don’t like this video because of the people that abuse the child .they didn’t know it was only a child can be having an emotional effect to them dramatic emotion to a child (troma) . Why some people abused their child? , what is the reason they do this to a child? And how it be can solve and according to the study it can be effect to the Children with a history of neglect or physical abuse are at risk of developing psychiatric problems, or a disorganized attachment style. Disorganized attachment is associated with a number of developmental problems, including dissociative symptoms, as well as anxiety, depressive, and acting-out symptoms. A study by Dante Cicchetti found that 80% of abused and maltreated infants exhibited symptoms of disorganized attachment.
Parents who physically abuse their spouses are more likely to physically abuse their children. However, it is difficult to know whether marital strife is a cause of child abuse, or if both the marital strife and abuse are caused by tendencies in the abuser. One study found that parents with documented substance abuse, most commonly alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, were much more likely to mistreat their children, and were also much more likely to reject court-ordered services and treatments.
Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (Public Law 93-247) it will be help to child was abused to our country we have a DSWD it help the children. We can help them us a individual to give love and care or a emotional or physical care

it can be relate to psychology to the SCRIPTS because for example every time he saw his father he be cry or scared because of that person he scared to every person he will see .(matatandaan sa isip niya na masama ang tao na yun kaya natatakot siya sa tuwing makikita niya )